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Software Development


Business performance and success with custom written software from Calidad Technology.

Our team has in excess of 20 years experience delivering solutions that have improved efficiency, turn around times, profitability and reduced costs.


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Systems we have dealt with

  • Financial
  • Home loans
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Installment Finance
  • Business origination
  • Debt Collection
  • Arrears Management
  • Asset Rentals
  • Unit Trusts
  • Application Management
  • Business origination
  • Client Claims
  • Insurance Processes
  • Stock Control
  • Supplier Quoting
  • Client Interfaces
  • General Work-flow
  • Business Processes
  • System Integration
  • CRM
  • Mobile solutions
  • Support Desks
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Affordability Assessments

From enterprise solutions to micro solutions, we will design a solution for your business.
You get exactly what you need.

Ensure your business exclusivity, by letting us design and develop a system or sub-system, that increases your business proficiency.

No longer do you need to find a work around or perform time consuming, tedious tasks.

With custom software your business can run efficiently with many tasks automated.

  • play_arrow Competitive edge

    Design for optimal productivity.
    Suites exact business needs.

  • play_arrow Future Requirements

    Adapt to change.
    Keep the competitive edge.

  • play_arrow Integrate

    Manage and communicate.
    Sharpen the competitive edge.

  • play_arrow Profits

    Increased profits
    Enjoy the competitive edge

Integrations we have done

  • Banking and validations
  • Accounting
  • Courier services
  • VOIP
  • Payment Bureaus
  • Mobile
  • Credit bureaus
  • Warehousing
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Financial institutions
  • L700 & L702 Submissions

We have a range of solutions and services which complement each other, allowing Calidad Technology to offer a full end to end solution where required.

Having various industry partners allows us to source resources when needed, enabling us to provide an even higher quality of service and product. All our products are developed using main stream technology, offering you the assurance that there are always skills available when needed.

We believe in superb customer service, all our work is guaranteed with 24/7 support services. Our support services do not stop at our products, should you need support with other applications, we will be available to assist.

By selecting Calidad Technology, you will be gaining a top notch dedicated team that will go out of their way to meet your requirements. Become part of the Calidad family, contact us now.

Our core team have experience working on projects for the following companies:
Calidad Technology is a specialist software solutions house.
Quadrum Four, Constantia Boulevard, Contsantia Kloof
South Africa