Calidad Technology

Calidad Technology is a specialist software solutions house. We provide scalable, customised solutions which cater for your specific requirements.


By ensuring your businesses success, we ensure our own, which is why we are willing to go above and beyond to deliver the best possible solutions.

The Calidad Edge

Outstanding customer service, quick delivery times and extensive business knowledge

We believe that in order to succeed we have to provide quality solutions, which best suit your needs.

Client Thoughts

Opinions and thoughts from our clients

These are some of the solutions which we have successfully delivered.

Loan Finance Full brief Summary

Loan Management System

The Loan Finance system offered by Calidad contains all the functionality required for managing your loan business.

The solution can be hosted by Calidad on-site or can be deployed to the cloud. It also allows for access via pc's, tablets or mobile.

The functionality is flexible enough to support any product, service or methodology and will provide complete:

  • Client management
  • Loan and Savings portfolio management
  • Integrated real-time accounting

The solution is 100% api-driven, which means that completely customised front-end solutions can be developed specifically for your business, or alternatively you can make use of the generic front-end solution.

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Business origination System
Business Origination

Applications via
Mobile or PC


Our team's extensive experience in delivering business origination solutions to a variety of organisations, will give you a major advantage.

We provide fully-customised, business on-boarding applications which can be accessed via PC's or mobile devices.

Calidad has a base modular platform which can be completely customised to your requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.

Need to do an affordability assessment according to the NCA? Combined with our integration services, we can ensure you comply with the NCR's rules and regulations..

This platform allows your solution to grow exponentially with no need for re-development.


Arrears management System
Arrears Management

Ensuring collections


Arrears Management is one of a businesses most critical aspects, and is often overlooked from a systems point of view. There are many collections solutions out there, however, how many of these fit your business needs exactly?

We have years of experience in catering for collections requirements, and understand that each business has it's own strategy for collecting delinquent debt.

Why not let us develop a solution for you which caters for your specific requirements?


Data services
Data Management

Improved Business

Data Conversions

We have data conversion specialists in our team. Our experience from many past projects gives us the edge when it comes to migrating data.

Data Consolidation

Most businesses have a variety of systems and data stores.

We can provide you with a centralised data warehouse, where customised reports and dashboards can be accessed, improving the view that you have of your overall business.



System Integrations


Integrations Full brief Summary

The team at Calidad has a great deal of experience integrating with a multitude of applications and services from various technology platforms. Some of which include:

  • Accounting Packages
  • Bank Account Validations
  • Banking Systems
  • Couriers
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Dialler Systems
  • External Dealer Systems
  • Loan Finance Systems
  • Payment Bureaus
  • Warehousing
  • Regulatory
  • NLR
  • CPA
  • L700 files
  • L702 files

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Mobile development

24/7 online
all the time


Calidad understands the importance of mobile accessibility in today's on-line, real-time, demanding consumer environment.

From mobile money integrations to our latest mobile gaming engine development, currently being rolled out across Africa. Calidad has the experience and understanding to work with multiple partners in any environment.

Calidad delivers! Efficiently and cost-effectively!


Software Development

Interested in more information around our software development services?


Some integrations we have done


Calidad Technology is primarily a software development company with customers ranging from large enterprises to SME's.

Apart from stunning software solutions, we are able to provide you with a full end to end solution, including:


Calidad Technology can provide an end to end solution, no longer are you required to have huge data centers with complicated infrastructure.


We monitor all aspects of our applications, ensuring that your business keeps running 24/7.

Payment Services

  • Card processing
  • Online Payments
  • Bank account validations
  • AEDO NAEDO debit order transactions

Disaster Recovery

Where required our solutions offer complete disaster recovery, ranging from separation in country to international locations.

Call centers

We offer multiple options to assist with support be it business or application.


Our support team is dedicated to resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Our Team

We have a highly experienced team consisting of project managers, business analysts, support consultants, integration specialists, software developers and IT Infrastructure gurus.

In addition to this we have relationships with various partners in the industry, giving us access to resources and skills where required.

Our core team have had the privilege of working on projects for the following companies.