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Overtime many businesses start running multiple applications to solve different needs. Often this leads to the situation where the same data is captured manually into multiple systems, frustrating users and causing chaos when mistakes are made.

In some instances staff are forced to complete processes in disparate systems for no benefit to themselves, causing negative feelings towards the main task at hand.

Examples of systems that may require duplicate data or processing are listed below. Your business may have similar systems or a range of other systems where the same principles apply.

Contact us to evaluate the different options for integration between your systems .


External integrations can really spur on business growth. The options available today to integrate into external services compared to previous years are phenomenal.

Calidad Technology has experienced a range of different external integrations, we have seen first hand the benefits and improvements that follow once an integration service has been completed.

B2B integrations are also becoming more common, and this is another area where we can assist. Have a client or supplier where you find emails, paperwork and telephone calls flying about, trying to get the same thing done?

Let us evaluate the process and make recommendations around what we can do to automate these.

Examples of common internal integrations that we have completed successfully.

  • Accounting
  • Stock management
  • CRM
  • Sales systems
  • Data stored on spreadsheets
  • Order systems
  • Support systems
  • Telephony and dialer systems

Examples of common external integrations that we have completed successfully.

  • Courier services
  • Payment services
  • Collection services
  • Identity verification
  • Credit scoring
  • Banking services
  • Order processing
  • Regulatory e.g. NLR & CPA ( L700 / L702 )

There are numerous benefits to integrating internal systems.

No longer do you need to capture data in several places, followed by checks and balances to ensure everything is correct.

  • play_arrow Productivity

    Less duplication.
    More productivity.

  • play_arrow Customer services

    Speed and efficiency.
    Happier customers and staff.

  • play_arrow Sales

    Process sales faster and effectively.
    Increased turnover.

  • play_arrow Integrity

    Better data integrity.
    Improved compliance.

  • play_arrow Fraud

    Detection and prevention.
    Need we say more.

  • play_arrow Cost savings

    Business process improvement.
    Reduced costs.

External integrations have largely the same benefits as internal integrations.

With integrated business systems, external processes can run efficiently and automated.

In addition to the benefits of internal integration.

  • play_arrow Speed

    Execute external tasks faster.
    No more delays.

  • play_arrow Accuracy

    Data is processed according to your rules.
    No more human error.

  • play_arrow Ease

    Simpler and easier.
    Less frustrations.

  • play_arrow Possibilities

    Wider range of options.
    Gain the competitive edge

We have a range of solutions and services which complement each other, allowing Calidad Technology to offer a full end to end solution where required.

Having various industry partners allows us to source resources when needed, enabling us to provide an even higher quality of service and product. All our products are developed using main stream technology, offering you the assurance that there are always skills available when needed.

We believe in superb customer service, all our work is guaranteed with 24/7 support services. Our support services do not stop at our products, should you need support with other applications, we will be available to assist.

By ensuring your success we guarantee our own.
Whatever you require, we can assist.

Have a look at our software development services, for more information. From enterprise solutions to micro solutions, contact us with your requirement, we will design a solution for your business.

By selecting Calidad Technology, you will be gaining a top notch dedicated team that will go out of their way to meet your requirements. Become part of the Calidad family, contact us now.

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